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Dell Computer

“DFMA is a fundamental business process for the Dell engineering team because it supports our holistic approach to cost. It helps us analyze our designs and make decisions that lower overall costs, not just product costs.” “Increased manufacturing throughput, reduced damage rates, higher quality, streamlined logistics, and faster delivery are all outcomes of weaving DFMA into the development cycle.”

“No New Factories,” Desktop Engineering, Jan 2004


“One of the biggest benefits of DFA is the facilitation of communication within cross-functional teams. DFA provides fact-based data, that is easy to understand and to verify, for everyone. “DFA was also used with success for benchmarking of competitive products. It was found that estimated assembly times are in a range of 10% of the later calculated MTM times. This was very helpful data in an early state of development for upper-management decisions.”

Stefan Wohnhas Whirlpool Europe
International Forum on DFMA, June 1998


“The BDI tool works right out of the box. Its libraries have material costs built into them. And it’s set up so you can change them if you have data that better suits your industry. That’s a big advantage. “The tool is valuable because it allows you to do ‘what ifs,’ you can change the material of the part in the software and get an instant answer on how that would impact cost.”

Terry Ayer
Value Engineering Program Manager
“Cost Choppers,” by Gerry Kobe, Automotive Industries magazine, June 2002


Harley-Davidson is working with its vendors to reduce costs while allowing the vendor his profit margins. “At the core of our program is the understanding that real savings come from helping suppliers reduce the cost of materials and improve the manufacturability of their designs. The software accurately models part costs, providing a quantitative basis for evaluating competing design alternatives.”

Cheryl Wood
New Product Cost Analyst
"Technologies of the Year: DFM Concurrent Costing,” by Tim Stevens, IndustryWeek, December 2002

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